Investing in property is the one hedge we have against inflation. Sure, like any other investment arena, it has it's high's and low's, but in property, there is a substantial difference. Unlike other investment portfolios, property is a tangible entity, and one which can be manipulated to your advantage. For most people, owning a property is perhaps the single most important investment they could make. The idea, of course, is to try and maximise that investment.

Investing in "Off-plan developments" could help you achieve this, as it provides the following benefits:

  • Capital Growth
    You can achieve capital growth before you actually pay for your property in full. Investing in developments allows you to reap the financial benefits of the increase in market prices during the build period, which could be anything from 12 -24 months, with only a minimum of between 10 -20% deposit of purchase price. So, by the time you are ready to take transfer of the property, your property is worth substantially more than what you are actually paying for it.
  • Sell Before Completion of Development
    the option of "on-selling" before you the property is completed is also available to you. The time to"on-sell" would ultimately be governed by the developer, but this would allow you to sell your property before you pay for the it in full and reap the benefits of the increase in sale price. Transfer costs would still be payable by you.
  • Let Someone Else Pay For It
    rent out your property. If you have bonded your property, let someone else pay the bond. Depending on the cost of your purchase, you may need to subsidise the bond repayment initially, but remember, the rental returns will increase each year, till eventually you are achieving more rental income than what your bond will be costing you.

Three great reasons why buying "off-plan" is a worthwhile investment, and your road to achieving excellent financial returns.

Development Average "Off Plan" Price Year Current Price Year
Parklands R265 000 2000 R850 000 2006
Ou De Westhof, Durbanville R549 000 2000 R2 000 000 2006
La Veritas, Durbanville R480 000 2001 R1 500 000 2006
The Peaks, Durbanville R299 000 2001 R799 000 2006
Cascades I, Durbanville R349 000 2002 R929 000 2006
Cascades II, Durbanville R300 000 2002 R750 000 2006
Tyger Ridge, Durbanville R360 000 2002 R850 000 2006
Cascades III, Durbanville R399 000 2002 R899 000 2006
Cascades IV, Durbanville R470 000 2002 R850 000 2006
Cascades Terraces, Durbanville R380 000 2004 R750 000 2006
Ascot Terraces, Milnerton R440 000 2004 R795 000 2006
Sandy Cove R199 000 2004 R299 000 2006
Ocean Villas R199 000 2005 R299 000 2006
Clanwilliam Hills R375 000 2005 R450 000 2006
Paarl R700 000 2005   2006
The Avenues R385 000 2005   2006
Sandy Dunes R385 000 2005   2006
Sundew Villas R385 000 2006   2006
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